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Fuji Server


The foundation of our solutions are our own components, to which we devote much attention and We ensure their highest quality, which allows us to maintain the uniqueness of applications.

{ cloud native }

The developed applications are immediately integrated into k8s in accordance with CNCF standards.

{ secure first }

The code reads itself to find potential data leaks.

{ devops friendly }

Through integration with the proprietary KBuilder, it ensures continuity of the software logistic process.

{ elastic }

The elaborate and battle-tested architecture has often surprised how easy it is to integrate external solutions.

We are open, open source

Part of our code is publicly available so that you can integrate your tools and convince see for yourself how secure it is.

We produce APIs, console interfaces (CLI), libraries for AWS.

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Code Standard

Each time a file is saved on the server it is:

  • preparing the network client in accordance with the practices used in the financial sector
  • Auto compilation
  • endpoint security audit
  • hot-reload of the app code
  • building a dependency graph

Progamists 5x we already have, 10x is a matter of time

How did we improve efficiency?

Immediate response of tools

Even a small change in the source code can lead to big ones in production. Our tools work in a similar way. our tools - every time a file is saved in our repositories it gives a lot of feedback to the programmer.

Work schedule

Our internal tool sets the developers' work schedule - we calculated and then created an algorithm that allows programmers to get into a flow from which they are much harder to break.

Federalisation and decentralisation

Thanks to the focus on quality and individual work, our programmers are even more efficient. It can be said that our division of labor resembles the model of layers and microservices.

Our ecosystem keeps evolving

What we have developed:

Own application server

In this way, we gained a consistent basis for all projects, changes to which improve the work of of all projects. It is maintained by us and thus we can make our own decisions about its development.

Dynamic code analysis

We have developed our own compiler for each key programming language to support finding patterns in the source code needed for reporting.

Minimize external dependencies

We do not use an external library to implement the simplest business issues. We use only audited and trusted components.

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