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Report for the E-Signalist system

Based on the work completed on 14.04.2022, we conclude that E-Signalist platform is safe and worthy of recommendation.

The subject of the audit work was the source code, cloud infrastructure and devops environment. The recommendations were implemented diligently, and the product will allow whistleblowers and the organizations that use it to work safely.

You can safely signal

By publishing this statement on our site we are proving,
that these are not the empty words of a report that can be put in a closet.



Technological maturity

The project uses proven solutions that are used by large IT consortiums. The choice of technology stack is dictated by the analysis carried out.

Proper protocols

Both the selection of protocols and their implementation allow business processes to work based on ensuring code quality and user experience.

The right devops process

The production of system artifacts is repeatable, automatic, and undeniable, so the system provider has made an effort to manage the quality of the project.

Security of whistleblowers

The whistleblower can feel safe when uploading files containing personal metadata, as they are deleted by the application server.

Individual scope

Scope of the project

Verification of the system architecture

Validation of implementation conditions

Verification of security and legitimacy of third-party dependencies

Checking the source code

Establishment of system boundaries with network traffic analysis

Assessment of the status of data anonymization

Assessment of the status of the protocols and standards used for data processing security

Recommendations for repairing the existing state, if there are appropriate indications

Relevance of the audit

Why E-Signalist
has decided to audit?


The client would like to have the system analyzed by an external entity. After the work is done, it will be able to publish a SaaS service to customers in the EU knowing that all aspects of the system's and creation conditions are of the highest quality.


We conducted audit work, during which the development team received recommendations to complete the work as soon as possible. The result work was the securing of the system and a report, all of which was ripped off on the same day.


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