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As a company dedicated to cyber security, we provide assistance in cases of cyber attack on businesses. We will help you get through this unpleasant situation quickly and smoothly. At first, we look for the source problems and cut off the intruders' access to your environment. Then, depending on the state of infrastructure we proceed to secure your data, seal gaps in your systems or completely we create a new secure environment for your business. Finally, we make sure that everything is working properly and we prepare reports on the work done, in versions for you, the GDPR's institution and the police, as required.

Stage I - analysis

Detection source of intrusion

Finding the location from which the thieves gained access to the systems

Minimize losses

Securing further systems, data from impact of attack

Cut off access to burglars

Blocking accesses and neutralize unwanted activity on the system

Stage II - security

Data protection

Depending on the vector attack - audit and security measures or migration of the environment to a secure architecture

Securing the environment

Detecting and getting rid of security vulnerabilities

Implementation of new security features

The use of newer and safer More secure solutions to protect against re-invasion

Stage III - documentation

Customer report

We will write down everything we do and give a report

Report for GDPR's institution

We will help with the merits of the work with the DPA if personal data has been compromised

Report for the police

We will assist in cooperating with the police in the event of an investigation


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