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IT support

cybersecurity speciality

Continuous maintenance, 365 days a year

Plenty of benefits

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Regular reports

Monthly reports on our activities - you know what you're paying for

Affordable price

999 EUR / month (+Taxes)
up to 100 users

What is a support service?

This is a local IT support service for cyber security, security of services network, email and data security.
No, we won't fix your printer, we won't connect the cable to your computer, but we will secure your business from cyber attacks, we'll take over full administration of mail, users and assist your local IT specialist. You can find a full description of how we will do this below :)

Benefits of the package

We take care of the security and administration of your mail, specifically:

Maintaining a mail server

Consulting third-party services

Handling employee hiring and firing

Website security assessment

Carrying out a security policy

Support for GDPR incidents

AAD management

DNS management

Maintaining the cloud

Management of network services (e.g. VPN)

License cost optimization

Leading Blue/Red teams

Monthly reports on taken actions

Running Intune

Mail on mobile devices

Support for Apple equipment

Expandable for additional hours

Customer dashboard

The only such

Everything you read above for so little!

We strive to maintain transparency of our offer. All benefits available to everyone in one package. If it's still not enough for you, we can customize the offer.

999 EUR
  • All the benefits mentioned

  • Handling up to 100 people/addresses

  • Annual commitment

  • Monthly payment

  • Taxes not included

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We guarantee your company's security 99.8%

Nothing protects 100%. However, this is not a reason for a lack of defense mechanisms.

Łukasz Leśniewski

CTO & Founder


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