What is cybersecurity?

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is an art



Cyber security is the part of computer science that deals with maintaining the confidentiality, non-repudiation and integrity of data.

Requires specialists

1000 random people won't do as much as one hack.

It's not given forever

New attacks and new defenses are constantly being developed. Basically, it looks like an arms race: everyone on everyone.

Is a separate area

50 years ago it might have been a branch of another field, today it stands on its own.

Applies to hardware and software

Only by having good hardware can it be secured. However, it is impossible to judge by looking at the computer case whether the center behaves safely.

Applies to people

It requires good behavior from people, which is based on cybersecurity education and cultural conditioning.


Somehow it's going to be

Lack of cyber security is not the reason for the immediate response (punishment), hence the myth of denial of its existence.

We are served by an external company

It may even be the company's own IT specialist. When asked about the state of cyber security, he or she may use such technical language that no one but him or her will understand the point.

Attacks are not happening

Although every site on the Internet is attacked non-stop, please check the logs of HTTP requests including the path parameter itself and the parameters of the request.

I have cyber insurance

For a policy to be cheap as well as paid out, many requirements must be met. Companies often buy such a policy to gain a sense of security. Hence, we recommend a policy and systems security.

Six months course to be a specialist

Cyber security specialists are among the rarest on the job market. Six months of study is enough, for contents.

In the event of an attack, time can be turned back

As humanity, we have a powerful source of transmission - the Internet. Copying information does not lose its value, hence the effects of an attack cannot be undone.


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