Manage leaks


Protect All employees and control data leaks


Detect leaks data before someone takes advantage of them

An automated tool that searches the darkest corners of the Internet for data belonging to your organization. Find out what was stolen from you.

World's largest database database

Access to the world's largest commercial database of of darknet content - updated on a regular basis

Detection alarms incidents

Alert system for detected incidents via SMS, e-mail and API

Incident management

Ability to suspect and analyze leaks found and take immediate action


TOR network records


New darknet pages indexed per hour


Unique email addresses


What is SOVA?

SOVA is a web-based application that allows secure analysis and search of content in the darknet.

SOVA is a a web-based application that allows secure analysis and search of darknet content.

SOVA has access to the world's largest commercially available database of content from the darknet, which is constantly updated with structured, real-time data.

It allows us to to effectively monitor the darknet for leaks containing domains, words keys, or specific phrases.


Convenience - automation - control


Configuration of queries

You determine for yourself what you are looking for. You choose the monitored phrases and time intervals.


Continuous monitoring leaks

The application is fully automatic. From the very first minutes it searches the bases and does so for as long as you you want.


Responding to incidents found

We will inform you about any incident found. Inside the application you can analyze it and manage it.


Conduct queries manually

Do you want to search for specific data? No problem, you can also direct queries to the database manually.


What do you gain?

Access to The world's largest database of stolen information

High quality

Many existing solutions that collect content from the darknet have limited access and index only the home pages of of most sites. With a combination of account-level access and advanced machine learning technology, 99% of all collected data in the database goes "deeper" than the homepage of websites.

Authorized access

In fact, it is estimated that 60% of all data comes from sources that require some form of authentication or access at the account level. When looking for leaks, this is a very important factor, because sensitive data published or sold on the Internet is often only available to to logged-in/verified accounts.

Extensive sources

Every day we collect millions of documents from the darknet and networks adjacent networks. We obtain our data from: TOR, I2P, Zero Net, Telegram, IRC, pastebin, high-risk surface networks, darknet marketplaces, hacking forums, encrypted chat platforms, as well as other authenticated services that we we cannot disclose in order to protect the uninterrupted source of collected data.

Leak notifications

SOVA has the option alerting about finding new leaks via SMS, e-mail or API channels communicating directly with the existing system IMS.

Inside the platform allows you to manage such security incidents through assigning specific leaks as tasks for specific administrators.

Platform allows you to configure the monitoring of new content at any time intervals and manual database search on demand

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